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Here's what critics are saying about us...

5 stars


Haandi - Some kind of crazy, wonderful dream. I urge you to try it.

Jan Moir - The Daily Telegraph

5 stars


Main courses that are divine... as rich & intense as you'd ever imagine, the contrasts were in perfect balance.

Kieran Meake - London Metro

5 stars


Skilled spicing, top-notch ingredients and exact cooking are the kitchen's trade mark. Curries are generously served in haandis, wide-bellied narrow necked pots.

Good Food Guide

5 stars

The Best

One of the best Indians in Central London.


5 stars


Haandi is quality from the moment you walk in, to the moment you reluctantly drag yourself away.

Tim Harrison - London Weekly Times

5 stars

Maximum Flavour

You can watch Haandi’s chefs at work in an open kitchen that turns out dishes whose flavor volume is set to maximum, channeling the flavors of East Africa with interesting, contemporary twists.

Richard Vines - Bloomberg

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